The Vintage Kitchen
The perfect blend of ambience and great food, at The Belstead.
A showcase of antiques and a friendly environment which allow guests to relive the Good Old Days, The Vintage Kitchen is a multi-cuisine cafe with a Vintage twist. If you want food and fun under same roof, this is the best place you are looking for. This is the right place where one can make memories which can be cherished forever and indulge into melodious songs and delightful delicacies.
vintage dining hotel chennai
vintage dining hotel chennai

VB Signature
Progressive Veg Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant that serves delicious South Indian, Asian and North Indian cuisines. This restaurant has simple and elegant interiors. The lively atmosphere and the friendly staff makes the dining experience one of a kind. Informally called, Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan, this restaurant is located at The Belstead hotel in Chennai.

Indian cuisine is more than ready to take over the world with its inventiveness and zest to become even better. Past few decades have been revolutionary for Indian cuisine as the fare has hit a new mark of success by turning modern. More and more new passionate chefs have sworn to take this cuisine to another level by playing with classics and bringing in new techniques. Chennai too has grown with us. The Chennai city is much more adaptable towards modern inventions now and the diners have acquired a taste for modern gastronomy. Liquid nitrogen is used liberally now to infuse oomph factor to this ancient cuisine. Stepping up to the modern gastronomy trend is Chennai’s ‘VB Signature’ which has mesmerized the Chennai city with its geeky creativity. No longer is the food boring and one dimensional, rather it has turned snazzy with its new-found twist.
If you decide to explore the modern side of Indian gastronomy then drop down at VB Signature in Nungambakkam, Chennai. Located in a hip and trendy vicinity of Chennai also qualified the hotel with the restaurant as an instant success. The establishment of the Inn has a reputation of its own gained by constant brilliance. Decor wise, the restaurant has created a cosy little interlude away from the bright noisy invasion of the Chennai city. At VB Signature, everything is undisturbed and intimate Interiors seems down-to-earth and alluring due to simple exposed brick walls highlighted by peppy wall art and dim lighting. Small round tables and comfy chairs are placed attractively beaming in pale yellow light thrown by the overhead lamps. If you want a little privacy and more room to laze around then ask your server to snag you a secluded booth.
There are three major factors that define the menu of VB Signature. First is its play at modern gastronomy, second is that it’s completely vegetarian and third is that it’s affordable in bargain. You will be able to experience the modern versions of Indian and Asian classics. Starters section features, coriander peanut pesto vadai, floret mussallum, char sui paneer bao, jaituni paneer tikka, dragon smoke popcorn, mushroom biryani arancini and karupatti paniyaram. Tackle the Indian curries with their buttery flaky breads and Asian gravies with fragrant fried rice or noodles. Do save some space for the dessert course which promises to be a gastronomic revelation.